old man emu suspension kits

More than just a lift kit

A suspension lift kit is designed to raise the vehicle’s ride height from the ground, giving the body greater clearance from obstacles and allowing for the fitment of larger than standard tyre sizes. The major advantage of lifting a vehicle for off road use is the increased ground clearance offered to the body and mechanical components, which can be further enhanced by the ability to fit larger diameter tyres.

Why Upgrade Your Suspension System?

When a vehicle manufacturer designs a 4WD, they’re designing it for a mass market that has a variety of uses for that vehicle. It may be a daily driver picking up kids from school and doing the grocery shopping, it could be a tradesman’s vehicle carrying a variety of tools and equipment, or it could be a touring vehicle towing a camper, caravan or boat. Additionally, it could be a weekend warrior, tackling harder off road tracks and trails.

Hours, weeks, months and even years have been spent developing and testing that vehicle and to be able to satisfy the varied uses, many aspects of the design of that vehicle become compromised. A vehicle’s suspension system is one area that is compromised between the need to carry additional loads while retaining high levels of comfort and precise handling characteristics as expected in today’s modern vehicles.

BP-51 Shock Absorbers

The BP-51 is a user adjustable internal bypass 4WD shock absorber that delivers increased comfort and control; both on and off road. All BP-51 shock absorbers are designed and manufactured in-house by ARB using state of the art machining and hard anodising equipment.

The body of a BP-51 shock absorber is manufactured using 6061 anodised aluminium to dissipate heat more efficiently than steel or alloy steel and provide superior corrosion resistance. Extensive dyno, real world and destructive testing has been undertaken during the development process to ensure that reliability, longevity and performance all meet ARB’s impeccable standards.

Nitrocharger Shock Absorbers

During the development of Old Man Emu’s Nitrocharger Sport shock absorbers, Ride Control Engineers tailor shock absorber valving to work with the different springs in the range, often resulting in multiple shock absorber options for each vehicle.

Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport is a twin tube design with the outer reserve tube providing protection to the internal components off road. Utilising the latest advances in shock absorber technology, Nitrocharger Sport is the most finely tuned 4×4 shock absorber on the market.

Old Man Emu Springs

When undertaking remote area travel, the need to carry sufficient fuel, water, vehicle spares and safety equipment invariably means that your 4WD will be fully loaded, placing a lot of strain on suspension components. Combine this with punishing off road conditions, and the limitations of standard springs soon become apparent.

Whether it’s coils, leaves or torsion bars, Old Man Emu springs are designed to improve the load carrying capability of your 4WD, allowing you to tackle more challenging terrain with confidence.

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